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Quotes My wife and I just brought our minivan in for service. After having the car for 7 years and taking trips with two kids, the carpets were really bad. They were able to clean them up and get them looking great. They also took care of some scratches that I wasn't planning on and got the body looking like new. They were very courteous and took the time to do a really good job. They were very friendly and offered great service, and that's something I really appreciate. Highly recommend. Thanks Denny for all your help. Quotes
Mike & Amy

Quotes Majesty Car Care recently detailed my 2011 Lexus. As a former sales manager of several well known local auto dealerships, I am very familiar with what a detailed vehicle should look like when completed. With that being said, Majesty is where I will continue to have my vehicles detailed. Quotes
Simon Russell Fussnecker Sr.

Quotes Holy cocnsie data batman. Lol! Quotes

Quotes My wife's 2005 Altima looked better than when we bought it - great job!! Quotes
John Hunt
Art Director

Quotes Denny, I always hand washed/waxed/detailed our vehicles myself. Nowadays I just don't have the time to keep them maintained the way I would like. So I took my MX-5 in to one of your competitors to have it detailed. They did an "ok" job, but not great. I wanted to have my car detailed for the summer season but did not want to take it back to the other guy. So I looked around and decided to bring it to your place. That turned out to be a good decision. Wow!! Excellent job. My car looks great. My thanks to you and your crew. You turned this 1st time customer into a customer for life. Bob Quotes
Bob Hull
!st Time Customer

Quotes My wife and I have been taking our autos to Majesty Car Care for at least 10 years or more. Denny is the hardest working man in the auto detailing business for sure! My wife and I have always been over the top pleased with the job Denny and his crew have done on our truck and SUV. An employee of Dennys, Bruce usually does my truck. I have problems with my Toyota white paint the clear coat is gone and no one can make it shine like Bruce does with his "special treatment" If you want a great job on your ride and you want a reasonable price go to Majesty Car Care. It's not a fancy place but it's where the dealerships go when they want their cars looking the very best.. Quotes
Hank Mayberry
Long time customer

Quotes Recently I bought a 2003 truck and Denny detailed the truck and I am so pleased with the detail of my truck that I will go back twice a year. I have two other cars I am going to have them detailed. Thanks for a job well done. Bill Ungerbuhler Quotes
Bill Ungerbuhler

Quotes After spending years obsessively detailing my own cars, and not being able to care for my cars the last couple years due to various reasons, my cars needed some serious paint correction, some nice shinners, and overall TLC. After looking around at local detailer companies, I decided to go to Majesty. The combination of service and price was very hard to beat, so I made an appointment and took in one of my cars. This was last week, and tomorrow I'm taking in my second car for the Ultimate Detail. The results on the first car were greater than I expected. In addition to that, Denny bent over backwards to fit my agenda. I am pleased with the results, the cost and customer service, and recommend Majesty Detail to anyone who wants to keep their autos at showroom appearance. Quotes
Jeff Wettig
Pleased Customer

Quotes my first detail ever and i will never go anywhere else!! Dennis is to be commended for his honesty and intregrity. A job so well done I am beside myself for the right things to say. Dennis will not disappoint. Quotes

Quotes I have a reputation of being a person is very attentative to detail. Many family members and friends will use a service provider based upon my recommendation. They will say, if you can make Jeff Andrews happy, then I have no concerns. That being said should be enough for you to use Majesty Detail. Denny and his staff condition my two vehicles twice a year. I regularly get comments on the glistening appearance of both. Denny will showcase my 1997 black Buick Riviera in a future segment. I highly encourage you to join the legion of overwhelmingly satisfied customers. You will come back. Quotes
Jeff Andrews