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Quotes I bought a groupon coupon for Majesty Car Care, generally haven't had great experiences lately with Groupons, but this was different. All of my interactions with Majesty were positive... calling to set up the appointment, follow up calls, and most of all the clean up job they did on my car. They really did an amazing job... inside and out.. my 9 year old car (that was very dirty) came out of Majesty's clean up looking like a brand new car! Beautiful job! I will definitely return and definitely bring my wife's car in as well. I'm very pleased. Quotes
Fantastic job my my very dirty SUV

Quotes "My wife's 2000 Lexus looks like a new car. This is the best detail job we have ever had done. We will have both cars done at Majesty from now on. Denny and his staff did a great job." Quotes

Quotes We can't say enough good things about the extremely efficient and excellent job that Denny and his crew did on our family vehicle (2007 Honda Mini Van). As you may figure transporting a family with a busy lifestyle, our van needs serious care. The van was returned to us spotless. The interior looked brand new. I was quite shocked to how well it did clean up. The van is black (the hardest color to keep clean) but it shined like a beauty. I am now riding around feeling all together because my car looks so grand and it's not even a sports car but I wouldn't have known the difference. Thanks Denny to a job more than well done!! We highly recommend that you place your car in the hands of Majesty Car Care. You won't be disappointed!! Quotes
Barry and Kimberly Clardy

Quotes Denny was able to get me in for a complete auto detail of a 2008 VW Jetta on less than 24 hours notice. He also provided me with ride shuttle in a jam to and from the shop. They did a wonderful job taking a bad conditioned car and made it look new. He went above and beyond to earn and secure my customer loyalty moving forward. Quotes
JC Hartman
Satisfied Customer

Quotes The team took such good care of my baby...and she was in BAAAD shape. I didn't go in expecting any miracles I simply wanted my truck cleaned. They exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them! They were very friendly and even teased me when I showed up at the facility about the condition of my SUV....great group! Quotes
Super Satisfied Customer

Quotes I just picked my 2007 GMC Envoy Denali and it looked like new. Even the ring & key marks under the exterior door handle disappeared. The entire car looks GREAT! The wheel wells were even spotless. The only thing I'm disappoint in is me. I should have tipped the guys more. But I'll be back and make it up to them. GREAT JOB! Quotes
Retired Business Owner

Quotes I have never had a car detailed before, always did it myself, but I took my 2006 Ford F350 Crew Cab Long Bed it's a big truck, and Denny and his crew did a Great job, much better than I could have done myself. These guys are Good, Very Good ! Quotes
Art Richmond

Quotes Denny and his staff are professional, and did a fantastic job detailing our Pontiac G6 convertible. A car dealership we took it to afterward remarked that it was the best detailing they had seen. They even asked me where we got it done. We will be back! Quotes
Chris Tunnah
Big Fan

Quotes Great job overall, but I think the exterior detailing could be better. I used to detail my own cars growing up, and prided myself in washing + clay baring + waxing my car (with Klasse wax). Since I didn't have time to do it myself anymore, I brought it into Denny to take care of it for me. His workers were courteous and were pretty nice as they took in my car. I came back about 4 hours later to find a shining, extremely clean car. The interior was extremely clean, and even some of the crayon/pen marks on the ceiling seemed to disappear. My only one suggestion is to maybe use a less shiny final protectant on the surfaces that are at eye level (looks really shiny, but not practical when it's creating extra glare while driving). On the exterior, the wheels were meticulously detailed but there were a few spots and smudges that I could rub off with my own hands (it's supposed to already be a finished detail when I pick it up). I would say that 95% of the car was detailed. Quotes

Quotes Denny detailed my car just the other week and I feel like I am driving a new car. I don't even want to take it out in the rain. My husband is going to take his car in also. Denny did a wonderful job. Thanks you so much. Florence McIntyre Quotes
Florence Mcintyre
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